High vibe drinks are what we do. We love coffee, but the drinks offered on our Plant Alchemy Bar give you an energizing alternative for when you want a boost of plant power. Using superfoods, herbs, roots and spices from ancient wisdom and traditional cultures, we mix them with non-dairy mylks and cold-pressed juices from Montauk Juice Factory. These diverse, clean and plant-based potions were created to help awaken your senses, elevate your mind and enhance your greatest superpower: your intuition at judi slot online.

The Unicorn Latte

A refreshing and lightweight latte with E3 live blue green algae, The Unicorn Latte has every fiber, nutrient, and amino acid that your body needs to feel balance. For anyone who wants to get in touch with their intuitive wisdom, The Unicorn Latte will give you the confidence to follow through, think clearly and #FLYHIGH.

(+) fights inflammation, clears brain fog, mood balancing, intuition guiding

The Merbabe

A tropical tasting latte with hints of berry and coconut that promotes inner strength, beauty and wisdom using ingredients inspired by the ocean, salty air and tropically kissed lands. Ideal for women’s health or anyone with an independent spirit who is always ready to shell out the good vibes.

(+) anti-aging, healthy digestion, fatigue fighting, bone growth, brain function, sexual energy